Beach Cruisers Vs Mountain Bikes

Beach cruisers are bikes that are set apart from the other bikes that may
be known to many today. There is a distinct different between a beach cruiser and a mountain bike, stunt bike and a bike for children. When deciding whether or not to purchase a beach cruiser it is important to understand what you are going to get from your bike. A beach cruiser bike is meant for a person that doesn’t need the features that can be found on other bikes. The beach cruisers have been around for many years dating back before the creation of the more modern bikes that are available at this time. A beach cruiser, cruiser bike or cruiser bicycle is the prototype which has been used in the advancement of all bikes.

Beach cruiser bikes are equipped with big wheels but are smooth unlike the wheels found on a mountain bike. The wheel are designed to be rode on smooth surfaces and are not built for off road cycling unlike mountain bikes. Mountain bikes can be rode on all types of terrain from smooth surfaces and off road terrain. Also a cruiser bike only has one gear which means that the speed can only be changed manually by the rider. This is the biggest difference between a cruiser bike and a mountain bike which is the fact that there is no gears equipped on the cruiser bike. Cruiser bikes are meant to be rode just for a stroll rather than racing or to perform tricks. If a person wants a bike that can be adjusted, rode on dirt or can perform tricks then a cruiser bike is a bad choice. The cruiser bike can in fact be customized with chrome rims and other accessories. For a quick stroll in the bike lane or through a park the cruiser bike is a perfect choice.

Cruiser bikes can still be purchased in a store and is not as expensive as is once was in the past. Along with the style of the bike there is also a bigger seat that adds more comfort to the rider. The seat is made bigger and wider due to it being rode by a rider for a long period of time unlike other bikes. Mountain bikes have a smaller seat as the rider will more than likely pedal while sitting up due to riding the bike for racing.